Oskia MSM Supplement: Acne miracle and naturally Anti-Aging

There was no doubt about it in my mind that my first real post would be about anything other than the Oskia Pure MSM Beauty Supplement. For over 9 years now I have suffered with acne and so have tried every course of anti-biotics and every skin cream imaginable to try and finally get rid.

At the start of this year, my skin was particularly bad, and my cheeks were breaking out and were sore, itchy and angry. I did my normal routine of pairing back my skincare to very gentle products, getting rid of wheat from my diet (which I believe is just generally not great for my body) and heading to the GP for a referral to the Dermatologist.

During this time, we started selling Oskia at work and upon hearing the story of the founder Georgie Cleeve, I immediately bought the supplement in the hope I too may be able to benefit from this ingredient.

Georgie’s story is one an acne sufferers dreams are made of…She began taking MSM (a joint supplement given to race horses) to mend the damaged cartilage in her knees following a skiing accident and not only did it fix her knees but also her skin. She suffered with both acne and eczema and found that the anti-inflammatory properties were able to significantly improve the quality of her complexion.

How I understand it (in simple terms) is that the pure MSM works as a potent anti-inflammatory from the inside so that inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema ease. It also increases collagen and keratin production which means it helps reduce the signs of premature aging and strengthens your hair and nails.

So…my experience:


After taking it for 3 weeks my blemishes were getting less and less and my skin was soft not sore.

After taking it for 3 months my skin was clear of blemishes and my scarring was improving. Not only that but my bleached hair was stronger so much so that I have been able to grow it past bob length for the first time in 6 years without it splitting at the ends.


Yes Miss Georgie Cleeve – BIG HIGH 5!

I still take it now 9 months later and find I don’t tend to get many breakouts (touch wood) and those I do seem to be the odd spot that comes and go’s without much fuss. To test the water recently I stopped taking the supplement for 2 weeks and found my skin started to get sore and again, my cheeks began to break out. This, for me, solidified the magic effects this supplement has on my skin and my body and I went straight back on it before my symptoms worsened.

One tablet is recommended per day for general skin maintenance, though those using it for their joints may take 2 per day. I have recommended this to many customers for a variety of reasons and even the most cynical repurchase upon seeing the results for themselves.

Oskia products are FREE FROM artificial fragrances, colourants, silicones, parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol and all other harmful chemicals.

45 Tablets – £29.50 available at Space NK

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